Wednesday, January 2, 2013

this old (government) house

On New Year's Eve my friend Karen asked if I wanted to head to Government House the next day to kick off 2013 at the Lieutenant-Governor's New Year's Day levee. Remarkably I've lived 15 years in this city  - five practically across the street from Government House - and have never made it to the annual event.  Perhaps this is less remarkable when you consider how I typically spend New Year's Eve.  But this year I was opting for a quiet night in. Since I was assured of being bright-eyed and well-rested I happily accepted.  Also there were promises of cider and chowder - two things I rarely turn down.

The atmosphere was festive with great food and great music from the Don Bosse quartet.  The real treat to me was poking around the various rooms.  I've visited Government House on a number of occasions but never had the chance to spend that much time exploring beyond the main halls.   We had a lot of fun poking around the music room and the original Lieutenant-Governor's office, the library and the dining room.  (I am now mildly obsessed with the Royal Albert provincial flowers china patterns.) There may have been a few Downton Abbey references...

Despite all the lovely period details, I kept getting distracted by the January sunlight and going through my photos at home discovered I'd taken quiet a few shots out of the windows of the various rooms.
By the time we left the sun was already dipping low over Wilmot Park and the temperature was plunging even further - we were thankful for the short walk back to my house - a charming start to a new year!

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