Tuesday, October 25, 2011

get up, get up

This morning I woke myself up humming Sarah Slean's latest single "Set it Free" - that's how catchy it is. It may also be the leading contender for my theme song of 2011. 

I've been restlessly waiting for an album to grab me lately and her new double album Land & Sea fits the bill.  The first album is up-tempo "get up and take on the world" music and the second, inspired by old Hollywood scores and soundtracks, is sweeping strings and epic cinematic ballads.

Check it out! And then buy it!

P.S. I defy you to watch this video of Sarah and Joel Plaskett recording the opening track "Life" and not smile.  Love it.

Friday, October 21, 2011


nice threads

photo: JillianTamaki.com
I  have a weakness for the classic orange and cream colour scheme of Penguin books but I really love when Penguin does special editions like these clothbound hardcovers or the Great Food series (which is on my wish list).  They've really outdone themselves this time with the "Penguin Threads"

Penguin commissioned artist Jillian Tamaki to embroider covers for three classic books.  If you've got someone on your Christmas list who loves both crafts and literature, your gift-giving dilemmas are solved.  Gorgeous!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in which the Glad Girl explains her absence...

I have some 'splaining to do...  It's been a bit of a year.  As you might remember from this, my employment situation changed dramatically last spring.  I spent most of the spring and early summer freelancing which seemed to leave a good amount of time for domestic duties and little adventures and the blog posts about them.

But as you might also remember from this I'm a bit of a theatre buff; especially if that theatre is Theatre New Brunswick.  When the chance to join them as Director of Marketing and Development came up in August, I jumped at the chance.   So for the past two months I was busy with things like this:

And also this:

 Fun, right? except that it's left me little time for things like this blog.  However, last night I found time to go for a brisk autumn walk, bake and apple crisp and knit a little bit on my Christmas presents so balance may, in fact, be returning.  Stay tuned...