Thursday, January 10, 2013

shake-it-off songs

 You know what I want to do?... Strut.

I used the have a friend who said it was impossible to lack confidence in the presence of the Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive." This was her go-to song whenever she needed a little extra chutzpah for work or play or just needing to shake off a bad day.

I got thinking about these as "shake-it-off" songs last night when I was walking downtown last night and the Sheepdogs "The Way it Is" was blasting in my headphones. I always have one song that I put on repeat that makes me hold my head a little higher,  walk a little taller and gives me a little boost of nerve.
The Way It Is by The Sheepdogs on Grooveshark

Sometimes it's about a good driving beat as in the case of The Sheepdogs or this song by The Ting Tings that got me through the start of an intimidating new job:

That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings on Grooveshark

Sometimes it's the lyrics. Mumford and Sons' "The Cave"  helped me give someone not-great the final push:

The Cave by Mumford & Sons on Grooveshark

And then, of course, there's Florence + the Machine with the aptly titled "Shake it Out":

Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine on Grooveshark

Do you have a song that you turn to for a boost?

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