Wednesday, February 8, 2012

great places? o-square gets my vote!

When I first moved to Fredericton, I lived in a wee one-room apartment on the top floor of the Lamont building near the lighthouse.  Officers' Square was quite literally in my backyard.  Fifteen years later, I live just around the corner from another great Fredericton space (Wilmot Park) but  it's Officers' Square that still shows up the most on this blog: lunch datesrallies,  fundraiserscraft festivals, cultural festivals and, of course, concerts!
It's definitely one of my favourite spaces in the city and this year it's in the running again as one of the Great Places in Canada in the public places category (last year it cracked the top 10).  Be sure to visit the site to get your vote in!  (and while you're there why not show a little love to Queen Street and Marysville too!)

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