Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

The only real downside about leaving my old job is that I don't get to see these lovely girls every day. There was a time when we could gather each morning in M-A's office and discuss headlines and lovelives over coffee. But things change and now our catch-up sessions are less frequent but more meaningful.

Today we opted for lunch in the sunshine in Officer's Square. And we all had the same reaction: "We've worked mere blocks away for years - why didn't we come here before today?!"

I love the sort of things that make you say those sort of things.
And so - hopefully! - a new ritual is born.

In the meantime, some summery shots from the heart of my little town.

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wordnerd said...

My favorite time to go to Officer's Square is on Sunday mornings. There is almost no one ever there...I bring Felix...sometimes the dogs...and buy a coffee and the paper or a magazine and I enjoy the crisp air and the morning sun. It is a FAB way to start the day.