Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend wrap-up: it's such a perfect day

There are certain days that make me fall in love with my little town all over again.  Saturday was one of them:  sunshine, lots of people strolling downtown and lots of things to do.

Our first stop was Fredericton's contribution to the growing movement of Vote Mobs around the country during the current election campaign: the F-Mob.

Lots of energy and patriotism among the many young people (and some not-as-young) who got out to promote voting on May 2.

From Officer's Square and the Lighthouse it was off to Backstreet Records for Record Store Day.  The little shop was packed to the rafters and it was a reminder that I need to pop in there much more often.  Also I need to invest in a decent record player.  My thrift store player looks funky but I fear I risk electrocution every time I plug it in.

Since we were on Queen Street, a stop at the Owl's Nest was a must.  You really never know what you'll find there! 

I can never leave the used bookstore empty-handed.  I love the design of old book jackets and the quirky titles.  To wit, Mrs. Marjory Aitken's 1958 Travel Alone and Love It (which includes an entire chapter devoted to the world's floral clock) and from 1948 Let's Make More Things, a craft manual written entirely in calligraphic hand.  The 8 Western Hits album was Denis' find and it probably should have come with a side of anti-depressants.

We capped off our afternoon adventures with a late lunch, cheap beer and great free music at Dolan's Pub.  Sissy and the Hobos are a terrific new local band (stay tuned for some video from the show later today). Their sweet harmonies and folksy songs were the perfect soundtrack for a Saturday spring afternoon.

How was your weekend?

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