Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the write stuff


I love a good pen:  the right feel in my hand, a nib that glides across the page and a great colour.  

As a companion to his art store, my friend Luke has an online store which is devoted solely to pens, specifically Copic, Micron and Neopiko.

With both a fine and broad tip and a wide-range of amazing colours, Copic has a nearly cult-like following among designers and illustrators.  As someone who loves to hand-write cards and letters, I'm a big fan of the Micron.  The colour selection takes you far beyond blue and black and the nib selection means scrawly writers like me aren't confined to fine tips.  This is not your run-of-the-mill Bic.

And this is not your run-of-the-mill pen store. The man behind the site is Owen Cornish, who has created characters and kooky (and deliberately incomplete) biographies for each of the Copic and Micron colours.

Illustrations by Owen Cornish,
"Orange Micron 01 was determined to throw the perfect tea-party. He assembled the finest of camomiles, picked only freshest cherry blossoms, and gathered the mintiest of leaves for the occasion, and made sure his condominium..."

This zaniness continues with the Deal of the Week this week:

Anyone who purchases any amount of product from our site between Monday and Friday will receive a personalized love letter written by site creator Owen Cornish himself. 
-Owen Cornish, himself.

That deal is too good to pass up; in part because I have a hankering for orange, fresh green and blue Microns but also because I am really, really curious what young Owen might come up with.

Even if the only thing you write is your grocery list, Pendeavours will inspire you to turn the most mundane task into a little work of art.

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