Friday, January 20, 2012

It's the weekend. Bundle up.

Happy weekend!  I am spending a good part of my weekend in a rink which apparently is totally normal for many, many Canadians but kind of a novelty for me. Tonight I get to watch some former NHL players in my home town (surreal, right?) and tomorrow I hope to hit the same ice with some of my family for a little skating myself (even more surreal, I imagine).  Whatever you are up to this weekend, bundle up and stay warm!

Some of my favourite things this week:

I still love classic children's books.  Check out the stories behind the most beloved stories:

An oldie but a goodie, this 20-minute skirt tutorial has me dreaming about all the pretty spring skirts I could make.

2 ingredients + 5 minutes to "the best chocolate mousse of your life?" This I've gotta try!

What I love: things that are wee.  This micro-planter how-to on Etsy will delight the tiniest green thumb. 

Seeing the beautiful people having fun and looking human on Awesome People Hanging Out Together always makes me smile

And because you just can't see it enough, Tina Fey photobombs Amy Poehler- I would love to be either of these women when I grow up.  (Especially Amy Poehler. Why? See above.)

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