Friday, January 6, 2012


One of my indulgences in 2011 was the Victorian Writers Knitting Club from Wool Girl.  Every couple of months, a package would arrive with an original pattern, luxurious hand-dyed yarn and various accoutrements all in the theme of that kit's chosen book.  It was the gift to myself that kept on giving all year.   

Pleasance was the shawlette designed by Susannah I.C. for Alice in Wonderland in June. The name comes from Alice Pleasance Liddell, the inspiration behind the classic children's novel.  It's knit in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk, a blend of merino, cashmere and silk, in the colorway Wonderland.   If you check out Susannah I.C.'s Ravelry page, you'll see that she blocked out the points far more aggressively than I did.  I prefer a softer edge to my lace work especially since this was eventually going to be given to my sister-in-law and I couldn't really picture her in a pointy shawl.   I also used beads in place of the nupps, partly for aesthetics but also because I absolutely cannot stand knitting nupps! 

A knitting club is not in this year's budget but thankfully I still have three of my Victorian Writer kits to finish:  Anne Hanson's Frillibet shawl, Susannah I.C.'s Dracula wrap and (just arrived this week!) Sublime Expectations, a cowl and wristlet combo from Sivia Harding, who was also responsible for Jo's Pride, the Little Women-inspired hooded shawl which may be my most treasured knitted item. (and made me want to work beads into everything!)

All right, who's in for a knitting night?

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