Monday, June 20, 2011

hays falls

About a week ago my friend Jennifer - a relative newcomer to New Brunswick - suggested we take advantage of the pleasant weather to get out for some hikes outside the city.  I did a little online research and decided that our first trip would be Hays Falls on the Maliseet Trail just below Woodstock.  Somehow I'd lived 15 years in Fredericton without ever having heard of the falls.

The weather was touch and go much of the weekend but Sunday afternoon it had cleared enough to head upriver.  We took the more scenic route up Route 102 - the river valley was lush from the wet weather and while we hit a few showers on the hour drive to the trail, it had cleared by the time we arrived.

The rain had left the woods cool and kept the bugs to a minimum.  It's about 2 km from the mouth of the trail to the falls and a fairly easy, albeit wet and mucky, trek. 

The final descent to the base of the falls was the trickiest with wet rocks and mud and an excited little dog pulling on his lead.  But it was well worth it.  The veil falls plunge 20 metres (60 feet) over the bed rock - and with the sun streaming into the gorge it was a truly beautiful site.

J at the bottom left of the falls gives a sense of size
With an hour drive each way and a relatively short hike to the falls, this is a perfect Sunday afternoon trip from Fredericton. 

Can't wait for our next adventure!  What are some of your favourite trails and treasures in our backyard?

rugged doxies pose for pics

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