Monday, April 18, 2011

sissy & the hobos

I was predisposed to have a favourable opinion of Sissy & the Hobos even before hearing them based on my general good feeling towards anything involving hobos and/or mandolins.  But when they opened their afternoon show at Dolan's with the Be Good Tanyas' Littlest Birds I was truly hooked.

(Please excuse the wobbliness of the video. I won't lie, I may have been ordering nachos and a caesar while shooting.)

Formed a couple of months ago, this was only the second gig for Sissy and the Hobos.  Fronted by cousins Juanita Bourque and Sylvia Caissie with Tony Scott on mandolin and Ceasar Morales on bass, this is a group that will appeal to anyone with a soft spot for folksy root-based music and sweet harmonies.  While the two songs I shot are both Be Good Tanyas covers, their set was filled with great folk and country classics from Hank Williams, Pete Seeger and Roly Stolley along with some original tunes.

If you like the Be Good Tanyas, Sarah Harmer, the Good Lovelies or Allison Krauss, you'll love Sissy and the Hobos so keep an eye out for them around town this summer!  A perfect sound for sunny days.  

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