Tuesday, December 28, 2010

traveling woman

All autumn I was working on a lot of projects that I wanted to share but since most were Christmas gifts and most of the recipients (I hope!) read this blog, I could talk about them.  But now that the finished objects are in their new homes, I can share them with you.

Probably my favourite knitting project was made for Lori.  It was the first shawlette I had made and when I asked for pattern recommendations from my knitting friends the overwhelming recommendation was Liz Abinante's Traveling Woman.  I liked the pattern, it was organic and interesting without being too precious.  I also liked the idea that the "Traveling Woman" would be sent 'round the world to our own 'Traveling Woman' in Australia.

The "Traveling Woman" before being blocked.

The pattern choice turned out to be serendipitous: designer Liz Abinante named it after a song by Bat for Lashes, a band I was introduced to by Lori as we drove through the hills of Victoria from Geelong to Wodonga last June.

As I knit up the shawl, the subtly varigated green colourway and the leafy lace pattern reminded me of our amazing afternoon paddling on a secluded mountain lake in the Otway rainforest.  Such amazing memories!
I finished the shawlette back in October in order to get it to Australia well in advance of the holidays.  I could hardly wait for Lori to open it!  Handmade gifts are as much a delight for those who make them as those who give them!
Traveling Woman on our Traveling Woman

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Hayley Bustos said...

Great job Heather!! Beautiful shawl!!