Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 films of christmas: a christmas story

When I was growing up I remember seeing a lot of ads for A Christmas Story on CBC or TBS and I was totally unmoved.  Who'd give up time with Bing or Jimmy Stewart to watch some kid who wanted a bb gun?  Oh the folly of youth!  I was well into adulthood when a friend insisted that I had to watch this movie.  It immediately moved to the top of the "Christmas-isn't-Christmas-without-it" list. (and was so close to being the top of this list...)

From Flick and the flagpole to the battle with Scut Farkus to the old man's 'Major Award' and Ralphie's pink bunny suit, it's hard to pick a favourite moment.

Ostensibly the plot revolves around Ralphie's quest for a Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock, and a sundial.  But mostly it's just a series of memories and vignettes around one particular Christmas for one particular family. Based on a series of semi-autobiographical anecdotes from author Jean Shephard (who shows up as the narrator and the bearded man behind Ralphie in the line-up for Santa.), it feels sort of like snooping in old home movies or photo albums.

Just try to find a more true depiction of what it's like to be a kid at Christmas or a more authentic portrayal of "kid-dom" period.  I double-dog dare you.

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