Tuesday, October 26, 2010

good lovelies, part deux, or a very merry un-birthday, denis

If  you haven't heard the Good Lovelies yet, you obviously haven't been in my house or car much over the past year.  Since we saw them last October, my pal Denis and I have been playing their music for anyone who will listen.  (We especially recommend them for driving to the orchard for apple-picking!)

Last night we were lucky enough to see the trio again at the Fredericton Playhouse and as it was an early birthday present for Denis, I popped an email to Caroline, Kerri and Sue.  They serenaded him Good Lovelies-style  - it's a an almost-birthday present he won't soon forget.

Come for the witty stage banter, clever songs and the neo-trad girliness but it's the music that will stay with you.  They switch off instruments and lead vocals effortlessly and their three-part harmonies are flawless. Last night it was exciting to hear some of the new songs from their upcoming album.  In their words, if the first full-length album was about quitting their jobs and hitting the road, the new album is about coming home to their own bed.  The three new songs were oozing wistful, sweetness.  "Lonesome Hearts" had an especially nostalgic feel about it; Skeeter Davis with three-part harmony.

Sadly, we have to wait until February for the new album but soon it will be time to dig out Under the Mistletoe - a perfect album for holiday parties, trimming the tree or sipping eggnog. 

And, of course, we always have YouTube...

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