Saturday, October 30, 2010

short n sweet fingerless gloves

I never really saw the point in fingerless gloves or mitts... until last Sunday.  We're into choir rehearsals for Christmas @ the Playhouse so I am spending my Sunday afternoons in a former flooring warehouse and showroom - which is ideal for rehearsing three choirs of several dozen people but it is a touch drafty.  Since I need to keep my hands unencumbered for turning pages and writing notes ('breathe', 'don't breathe'), I relented and started searching out fingerless glove patterns on  I found these 'short n sweet fingerless gloves' by Anne Sahakian. 
They're a pretty quick knit - a couple of nights of knitting and movies will do them up.  And the easy-to-achieve chevron on the wrist and the unusual rib on the fingers and thumb give them a bit of daintiness.

I did mine in some self-patterning Regia sock yarn I had in my stash but I can't wait to do them in a soft and silky solid.  Because they use well under 100g of yarn, they'd be a perfect project to do with a single skein of of really special but kind of pricey yarn.  Wouldn't they be elegant in a cream cashmere?

Pattern Note:  Anne recommends knitting even for rows 20-24.  Because I wanted a longer glove, I knit even from 20-30.

Oh! and tickets are on sale for Christmas @ the Playhouse - if you're in or around Fredericton, you won't want to miss it!


Anonymous said...

I love these gloves especially the chevron at the wrist.Great job Heather.

wickedstitches said...

Lovely mitts, Heather! well done.

Sarah aka hot cheese