Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Good Lovelies

Last night Denis and I hit Crumbs for a show by the Good Lovelies. Their self-titled album has been in constant rotation on my playlist for the past week and their live show did not disappoint.

These girly-girls ("we have a strict no pants policy.") come armed with a van-load of instruments, pitch-perfect three-part harmony, clever catchy tunes and hilarious repartee. It would be impossible to be gloomy while watching them dissolve into a genuine and spontaneous giggle fit on stage.

I kind of want them to follow me around with their banjos and banter.

They have a Christmas album coming out in November and I cannot wait!!

Really... the banjo is completely under-rated...

Doing a cover of the Boswell sisters "Heebie Jeebies".

Who wouldn't want to spend the evening with these girls?

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