Tuesday, May 22, 2012

down on the farm

My first introduction to Gagetown Fruit Farm came last summer from their stall at the Boyce Farmers' Market and last fall my pumpkin-picking partner-in-crime Denis and I took a beautiful hour-long drive down river to Gagetown to visit the farm itself.  I love that in addition to bringing a variety of local farm products to our us, Heather and Matt think up lots of creative and fun ideas for bringing us to the farm.

This Sunday, in the middle of what was possibly the most perfect May long weekend weather-wise, they invited folks to come down to the farm to plant a pumpkin, take a wagon ride, wander the orchards, visit the baby animals and enjoy some of their delicious cooking.

When I arrived I ran into two young families I know who were each bringing their little ones to plant their first pumpkins.  We all agreed that we were pretty lucky to live in a place where within an hour of leaving the centre of the city you could revel in country life.  (And a few "For Sale" signs on the waterfront had us all pondering a more permanent escape to this pretty little town.)

Wagon rides through the apple orchards to the pumpkin patch.
The orchards were heavenly and the air heavy with the scent of apple blossoms.
Farmer in the dell: Goats, sheep, cows and I think there is even a duck in there too.
Kids feeding kids.
After wandering in the fresh air, a little snack is in order.
I will definitely be back to Gagetown Fruit Farm to pick some apples and a pumpkin or two this fall but I plan to also head back there this summer to enjoy some of Heather's culinary creations at their little restaurant.

Gagetown Fruit Farm is located at 30 Court House Road, Gagetown NB.  For info on their hours and upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.


Heather @ Gagetown Fruit Farm said...

Thank for coming out and the lovely comments- I enjoy reading your blog and we are honored to be the focus of one of your posts!! And your photos are fab!

miss allaby: the glad girl said...

Thanks Heather! It was a great day - can't wait to come back!