Monday, May 30, 2011

herbal magic

As soon as I saw the basil bonsai on the Sweet Valley Herbs site, I knew I had to head to the market on Saturday to pick one up.  Thyme-size basil leaves grow in a perfect globe on a hardy stalk - no pruning required.  Don't let the pint-sized leaves fool you; they pack full size fragrance and flavour.

Sweet Valley Herbs are no strangers to Boyce market regulars.  For several years Aaron and Anna Randall, their three daughters and Aaron's dad Bud have been getting up bright and early to offer up delicious fresh herbs for market-goers.  You might not know they also supply garden centres around the Maritimes.

A major greenhouse expansion last year meant they could diversify into new products, of which the basil bonsai is only one.  You can check out the all their great products on their new web-site as well as tips on growing herbs and recipes from Chef Aaron (he actually started growing herbs in order to have fresh product for his restaurant kitchens 15 years ago).  Ooooh.... basil scones? Bonsai!


Anonymous said...

Wow thank you!!!! Don't be afraid to chop that baby back! We cut some back in the greenhouse to see how quickly they grow back...amazing really - they are more hardy and prolific than traditional basil! I am sooooo glad you are enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

I got one @ the market last week and love it. It's sitting on our dining room table right now.

Sweet Valley has the best herbs... they always look so healthy and I always have great luck with them in my garden! Looking forward to seeing the @ the market again tomorrow. :)