Monday, February 28, 2011

what she wore when... she went to her first oscars

When I first saw Hailee Steinfeld on the Oscar red carpet last night, I immediately thought: "AUDREY."

She might not have taken home the Best Supporting Actress statue, but the 14-year-old has been the big winner on the red carpet all season looking charming, relaxed and, bless her, age-appropriate.  She worked with Marchesa on the design for her first Academy Awards dress and you have to think they took a bit of inspiration from fashion history while putting her own twist on it.

Here's Audrey Hepburn in 1953 at age 24 - similar boatneck, sheer overlay and silhouette.   You can't tell from this picture but like Hailee's the skirt hits mid-calf.

Of course the best inspiration Hailee took from Audrey is her poise and joyfulness.  Here's hoping she continues down that path.  The world needs more Hepburn girls.

For a bit of an insight into Oscar ceremonies past, check out this 1953 footage of Audrey accepting the Oscar.  It's great to see Donald O'Connor presenting with a quick and somewhat quirky cut to Gary Cooper in Mexico.  

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