Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fashion, jewelry & fine art

Did I need a pick-me-up today!  This morning my last bit of patience with winter evaporated.  It's freezing, the snow's up to our window and to drive or walk a few blocks is to take your life into your own hands.  Thank heavens for an invite to put on a little black dress, leave my hibernation and spend an evening at Ingrid Mueller Art & Concepts.
Designer Aidan Stanley at Ingrid Mueller Art & Concepts
At the beautiful and newly-opened gallery space on Regent, Ingrid partnered with The Towne Shoppe for an evening of fashion and fine art and to showcase jewelry designers Aidan Stanley, Jeneca Klassen and Audree H. St-Amour.

Friends, fresh flowers, glasses of bubbly and great new looks... maybe spring isnt' that far away after all...
My pick of the night: a striped and asymmetrically draped Ronen Chen paired with classic black flats.
Aidan Stanley's brillian metalsmithing - that's a statement piece.

Ingrid Mueller and designer Audree H. St.-Amour

Audree modelling one of her designs - I love the vintage yet organic feel of this necklace.

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