Friday, February 25, 2011

what she wore when... she launched a lifeboat (and her official duties)

You know I love a good fascinator so I was thrilled that soon-to-be-Princess Kate turned up at her first official public engagement sporting this brown velvet and silk.  Miss Catherine Middleton has alread proven herself a big fan of hats -  especially the fascinator -  and is putting her own twist on the royal millinery tradition. 

Besides the fact that it's awfully pretty, I appreciate the attention to detail.  According to the Mail:
   Appropriately for the Welsh visit, it was decorated with an insignia of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers – given to Kate ‘some time ago’, aides said – and two military tunic buttons.

The hat was designed by Vivien Sheriff Millinery, a small company based in rural Wiltshire which makes all of its hats by hand.They're a favourite of Kate and judging from their recent winter collection, they share her love of classics with a twist.

From the top of her head to the tip of her toes, Her whole look is win. The cute suede ankle boot gives it a fresh feel.  She's getting kudos from the tabs for wearing a coat which has been in her closet for at least five years and which she had shortened for the occasion (Frugal is the new fabulous!). 

I love that her style is ladylike without being froufrou and that she shows a lot of love for tweedy Royal tradition but with a 21st century spin. Most of all, her look is very accessible. Even if you haven't found your prince, you can still sport cute boots, a smart coat and knotted pashmina. And on a special occasion, a really, really cute fascinator...

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