Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little shells

I had so much fun with Lori's Traveling Woman shawlette that I couldn't wait to do another.  The next one I knit up was Little Shells by Holly Griffin-Weidner for my friend Bridget.  The original Little Shells was designed in silk as a summer shawl but I wanted to do something B. could use to keep out the cold Canadian winters.  It's knit in an icy blue alpaca-silk blend and the perfect size for keeping you neck warm without the bulkiness of a scarf. 

Like the Traveling Woman its base is two mirrored triangles in stockiette which then dissolve into lacy shells. The lace pattern is deceptively simple and I love that it's got a vintage look without being too frou-frou or precious.

Mostly I love that B. loves it.  Just wish I'd snapped a pic of her modeling it!

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