Sunday, November 7, 2010

the cranberries

This weekend I got rid of the mini-pumpkins and waxed autumn leaves. November is here.  We've set the clocks back. But as the evenings get longer and the days greyer, I need some sort of decorative pick-me-up. And if it's simple and frugal, even better!

I really love the garnet colour of cranberries and they give a nice seasonal touch when it's too early to plunge headlong into Christmas decorating (and, yes, it is still too early). Make sure they're dry and got rid of any soft or bruised ones - the firm ones should stay fresh for little while but keep an eye on them.  It's tradition in my family that from late fall on we have a candle at suppertime so I added an inexpensive dollar store pillar candle.  I like the way the candlelight makes the berries gleam.

If your style is more contemporary, they'd look great in a row of tall glass cylinders or square vases.  A centrepiece in under five minutes for under $5! As Martha would say: it's a good thing.

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