Tuesday, June 1, 2010

happy birthday, ms. monroe...

I have feelings too. I am still human.
All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent.
 Marilyn Monroe

My Aunt Minnie would always be punctual and never hold up production, but who would pay to see my Aunt Minnie?
Billy Wilder on Marilyn Monroe

When you look at Marilyn on the screen, you don't want anything bad to happen to her. You really care that she should be all right. Happy.

Natalie Wood

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.


Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

Cute reminder:)

miss allaby: the glad girl said...

Thanks! I love Marilyn and think with all the mythology around her we often forget that she was very talented and very human.