Saturday, June 19, 2010

australia: land of tomorrow

Emigration poster 1948. Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria
It's finally here! the day I leave for my big Australian adventure!!  Up to now, I've pretty much been an armchair traveller.   I've never been further south than Florida or further west than St. Louis. And now I'm about to fly 10,000 miles to the other side of the planet.  This would be a trip of a lifetime under the most "ordinary" circumstances - two world-class cities, breath-taking coastal drives, wineries and wildlife - but it's so much more special because I get to spend it with my dearest friend Lori who I haven't seen in 6 months!  (almost to the day!) 

this was us then...

This is by far the longest we've ever been separated in our 11-year friendship.  So the idea that I get to see her in less than a day and half has me completely giddy.

Not sure how much I'll be able to blog during the trip but there will be many photos and stories to share!

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