Thursday, May 13, 2010

the art of doing stuff

If you're a Canadian (like me) of a certain age (say, your late early 30s) you might remember Karen Bertelsen as a sunny screwball TV host, first of much more music's The Loop and then approximately 47 HGTV Superstar Challenges (Design Superstar Challenge... Handyman Superstar Challenge...Pipefitter Superstar Chall-- you get the point).  Anyway, it turns out she's started a blog called the art of doing stuff which is both very, very funny and very, very useful.  

How can you not love someone with the post category "I Heart Dollarama?"  Check out what she did with some cheapo ceramic birds...

And anyone whose motto is if I don't know, I'll figure it out is a girl after my own heart!


A tip of the hat to the folks at design*sponge who brought the art of doing stuff to my attention by posting Karen's do-it-yourself pet dish made from random bowls, crazy glue and magnets.  Mr. Henry, is so getting one of these.


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