Monday, May 3, 2010

après le déluge

So I've been a little bit absent from the blog of late.  I've been working on a big project at work that has been front and centre for the past couple of weeks.  We've been filming employee profiles of some of the men and women who work behind the scenes in the public service.  We've met the guy who welcomes new businesses to the province and the guy who welcomes you to the local Service NB office.  We've learned about people who protect our forests, our water and, most importantly, our kids.  Having spent the better part of the decade working with politicians who live on the front pages of the papers, it's been great to meet some unsung heroes.  I've loved hearing their stories.

We're wrapping up the shoots this week so now the fun starts as the rough cuts come in.  Can't wait to see them!

And can't wait to have a little more time to devote to you, dear friends.

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