Sunday, March 21, 2010

Work in Progress

It's been a busy weekend.  I decided awhile back that I wanted to turn one of the extra upstairs bedrooms into little guestroom for any of the kids in my life who might come for an overnight visit.  I have a guestroom already and it's lovely but it's also on the first floor.  So I'm creating a kid-friendly space on the second floor, just across the hall from my room (and a safe distance from the creepy cellar door). The other reason I wanted to tackle this room is that I've discovered that, like people, rooms without a purpose become unruly and disruptive.

This was the scene on Friday night.  Bleak.

This is the room now.  Walls are painted, carpet gone and some accesories added.  There's still work to be done - have to finish pulling up the carpet staples, need to add a light fixture and, of course, furniture but I'm quite pleased with the result so far.

I'd been wanting to do a room in turquoise and red for awhile now but it felt a little to bold and intense for a room where I spend a lot of time or where I need to unwind.  But I for this room I absolutely love it.  So bright, so happy.

There had been sliding doors on that closet that never worked right so I ripped them down and just added simple broad-cloth drapes. 

This big blank wall needed something and I've always hated packing away the drawings or letters the kids send me. So with an old mirror frame, some white cotton string and and a staple gun, I created a large piece of ever-changing art.  Problem solved + junk re-purposed = double satisfaction.

For as long as I remember, I have loved window seats; a little nook where you could curl up with a book in the sunshine.  Here I added 1" foam pads to an old steamer trunk of my mom's and topped it with a tailored cover and some throw pillows.  So happy with this spot.

It's been a fun project but an exhausting one.  Think we'll kick back, relax and enjoy what's left of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I love the colour you chose for the walls!

Liz said...

What a beautiful room! You have the knack for making a house a home.

Liz said...

India wants to know if your whole house is funky like this room

Shanie said...

loving the colours!!

MissAllaby said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Liz, please tell India that this is the only room that is quite this bright. But my friends have described the overall style of the house as "funky grandma's" :)