Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving Pictures: A Summer Place

"If anybody asks just tell them about the end. That's the part everybody remembers."
Warded off the chilly weather this morning and finally got around to watching the 1959 film A Summer Place.  (More after the jump)

It's soapy and quaintly dated (although it must have been provocative at the time) but it still has a lot to offer in the way of eye candy (no, not you Troy Donahue...) The interiors range from a drabulous Maine inn and cottages to a sleek, chic Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The clothes are classic New England: pearls and pencil skirts, fitted waists and full skirts, varsity sweaters and Lacoste polos. Filmed in lush Technicolor, it offers a master class in late 1950s fashion.

Plus it has this hat. 
Part sunglasses, part hat, all daffy and delightful; a rare light moment in this classic melodrama.


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