Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got the music in me.

This afternoon we went to the launch of the 2009 Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival line-up. My friend Brent Staeben and the crew at Harvest have put together another amazing and jam-packed festival - 350 musicians in 125 performances on 23 stages in four downtown blocks. My favourite four days in September!
Grabbed some 2 dollar burgers to support Music in Schools and enjoyed some sunshine and some jazz.
Continuing on a musical note we stopped by to visit our friend Brian at Tony's Music Box. Marie's been talking about taking up the cello since the Lovestorm show last month. Brian made a couple calls and here he is telling her: "Your cello is waiting for you."

As for me, I've been thinking of getting a ukelele for a while now. Now that I've seen this purple sparkly one, I think I have to. Time to work on my masterpiece: Sonata for Cello & Ukelele, Op. 1.
Jazz, blues, cellos and ukeleles. Just another Tuesday afternoon in Fredericton...

Here's one of the Harvest headliners, Nikki Yanofsky, from last week's Montreal Jazz Festival. She's 15 and she's amazing.

{The whole performance is good but if you really want to see her in action zip forward to the 3 minute mark.}


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