Thursday, September 6, 2012

christina martin at wilser's room

One of the great bonuses of contributing to the Fredericton Town Square Social Hub blog is the new people I'm getting to know. You'd think in a town this size we'd all pretty much know each other but there's always a new adventure!  On Tuesday, I hit Wilser's Room with nightlife contributor Emma Chevarie to get to jnow each other and take in a set from Halifax singer-songwriter Christina Martin.   I was a big fan of Christina's last album Two Hearts but hadn't seen her perform yet.  She is a wee pixie and charming between her songs and when she does sing the yearning in her voice will break your heart over and over again.

If you're interested in the live music scene in Fredericton, Emma's blog The Music Runs Through It, is a "must bookmark."  Her passion for live music shines through and it's a great place to find the next band you're going to love.

And check out Christina Martin's new video.  (Very "Glad Girl!")

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