Thursday, July 26, 2012

saturday on grand manan

A summer Saturday on Grand Manan isn't really complete without two stops.  First is the Grand Manan Farmers Market.  For farm market fans it's good all you'd expect: local delicacies, arts and crafts and strong hot coffee roasted locally.  And, of course more than a few things unique to island life: doormats made from reclaimed lobster rope, whale whistles from a newly arrived potter and local lore. 
And sea glass!  You'll definitely want to stop by and say hi to Esty Deugaw who makes beautiful sea glass jewelry and accessories (and even sugar candy that looks like bits of beach glass.)  The pendant on the right is my mom's newest treasure, made by Esty with a marble Mom found on our favourite sea glass beach.
Of course, for a souvenir of the island, I have to recommend a print from local artist Eric Allaby (known in these parts as 'Dad').  He and my mom have become regular market vendors over the past couple of years.  (his work is also available here)

After browsing local wares, your second stop has to be the North Head Bakery where Martha Ballantyne and Richard Rice have been turning out remarkable breads and baked goods since 1988.  A small island in the middle of the Bay of Fundy may be the last place you expect to find a bakery in the French boulangerie tradition but that adds to the charm.   The Saint John Valley bread is a must. Bon appetit!

The Farmers Market is located at 128 Rte 776, North Head, and meets on Saturday mornings (10 AM to 12:30 pm)

The North Head Bakery is located at 199 Rte 776.

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bailey j said...

two of my favorite places in the summer :)