Monday, April 23, 2012

film fest

Sunday's cold damp weather combined with a touch of a flu bug of some sort meant a perfect day for staying in for a  movie marathon: two films I've been meaning to see for awhile and one Netflix has been recommending to me for months. I'm happy to report that they were all winners!

An Education Sometimes I've heard so much hype about a movie I put off seeing it for fear it won't live up to the buzz.  I think that's why I'm only seeing this film two and a half years after everyone was swooning over the fashion, the cinematography and, of course, the luminous Carey Mulligan.  Stylish and smart, that high praise was well-earned.  (Also I would like to live in Miss Stubbs' flat.)

My Week with Marilyn Michelle Williams is a goddess.  That is all.

Adam Netflix has been tossing this out in the "Suggested for you" list for awhile now.  This seemed like the right day to watch this 2009 New York love story... If you like your love stories sweet and a little quirky this one is for you...

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