Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it snowed

Meaghan Smith's It Snowed has been in pretty constant rotation around my house since mid-November.  Like her debut album The Cricket's Orchestra (which earned her the Best New Artist Juno), It Snowed is playful, nostalgic and charming. So of course I jumped at the chance to see her in concert at the Charlotte Street Art Centre just a few days before Christmas.  If you don't own The Cricket's Orchestra and It Snowed, get yourself over to iTunes and remedy this immediately!

Meaghan Smith by Heather Allaby on Grooveshark
It was a perfect winter's night with a light dusting of snow and the converted school auditorium at the Centre was a cozy setting for Meaghan's sweet and funny stories and songs. Was there a dry eye after her adorable story about her grandpa?  She even gave a shout-out to Fredericton shopping (ahem, #bringitdowntown!)

Can't imagine a better way to kick off a week of holiday celebrations! Thanks for a great evening, Meaghan!

(Oh, and her fetching chapeau is courtesy of Oh Dina! you'll want to check out those creations!)

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