Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in which the Glad Girl explains her absence...

I have some 'splaining to do...  It's been a bit of a year.  As you might remember from this, my employment situation changed dramatically last spring.  I spent most of the spring and early summer freelancing which seemed to leave a good amount of time for domestic duties and little adventures and the blog posts about them.

But as you might also remember from this I'm a bit of a theatre buff; especially if that theatre is Theatre New Brunswick.  When the chance to join them as Director of Marketing and Development came up in August, I jumped at the chance.   So for the past two months I was busy with things like this:

And also this:

 Fun, right? except that it's left me little time for things like this blog.  However, last night I found time to go for a brisk autumn walk, bake and apple crisp and knit a little bit on my Christmas presents so balance may, in fact, be returning.  Stay tuned...

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