Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy feet

I've nearly worn out my favourite pair of vintage sunshine yellow slingbacks.
These would make an excellent replacement!
Ah spring! A time when a young(-ish) woman's thoughts turn to new shoes!  Last night I was actually able to step outside with something other than boots on my feet!   I've been eyeing a lot of the new arrivals at Manchester Shoe Salon (the Vince Camuto bootie is getting a lot of love) but it's spring collection from Fidji that really has my attention.  After spending the better part of a decade teetering around on strappy stillettos, I rebelled and then spent a year almost exclusively in ballet flats. Over the past number of months, I've been learning that a comfortable and sturdy mid-height heel does not have to be frumpy.  These shoes prove the point.

Made in Portugal and designed by French and Spanish stylists, they embody European craftsmanship. I love that you can see at first glance the care that has gone into the construction of the shoe.  It's something that's always struck me with vintage shoes and it's nice to see in a new line.  With their retro feel, deep colour and rich buttery leather, they're the perfect addition to a 'classics with a twist wardrobe.'  I see a road trip to Saint John in my future to pay a visit to Cathy and the girls!

This deep steely blue is just fantastic!

With it's low heel, this Mary Jane could quickly become my go-to day shoe. 
The acid green makes it feel fresh!
On a closing note, kudos to Manchester Shoe Salon for getting a well-deserved shout out in Flare magazine's profile on New Brunswick!


Sammysunshine said...

Loving the acid green shoes!

L said...

I was in Manchester's today and saw those yellow fab and really comfy!!

Manchester Shoe Salon said...

Thanks for the lovely post Heather! The Fidji collection is truly stunning! Excited to see you in SJ soon!