Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Come On, Get Happy

It's been grey and rainy and windy for about five days now. The weather is starting to get to me. And everyone else. Seems like time for a list of things that are making the weather a little more bearable:
  • Mint Juleps - Mint, bourbon & a hint of sugar - classic, retro and potent.
  • Friday night music - who knew that a local coffee shop in an office building was bringing in great singer-songwriters? Not me until recently. On Friday we saw Owen Steel and Lovestorm - both fantastic. And now I really, really want a ukelele.
  • Saturday breakfast - made this strawberry-citrus salad and this sausage, fontina & bell-pepper strata for my parents and grandparents. Delish!
  • Doc Watson's recording of "All About You" - I was playing a Doc Watson album while my grandfather was visiting. He seemed confused, "What are you doing playing this kind of music?" But you can't hear this song and not smile.
  • Community talent shows - the latest zany adventure for Luke and me. It cannot be described. It can only be experienced. I will say this: Marysville has produced some very ardent entertainers.
  • NPR - have discovered that their web-site has tons of great free music and concerts. That and Obama almost make me want to give up universal health care. Almost.
  • Goofiness.

Well, I can hear that it's raining again so I'm off to watch Jimmy Stewart spar with Margaret Sullavan in The Shop Around the Corner.

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