Friday, November 30, 2012

#bringitdowntown tasha tea

Pretty much since Andrew Wilkins opened the doors to Urban Almanac (75 York St.) fourteen years ago it has been one of my favourite shops in Downtown Fredericton.  The store has been constantly evolving and expanding and about 18 months ago he added Tasha Tea and a tea bar.  While I am an avowed coffee drinker, I've loved exploring the high quality blends.  
 enjoy a special offer from Tasha Tea after the jump

This is not your grandma's Red Rose tea.  It's more like an alchemist's shop with rows and rows of bottles full of seemingly endless combinations of leaves, fruit, spices, flowers and more.  I popped in on Tuesday to #bringitdowntown and check out their latest holiday blend - Gingerbread Joy.  While Ben brewed up a mug for me to sample, store manager Susan and I uncorked bottle after bottle - from fruity mango or strawberry blends to my longtime favourite chocolate chili chai.  It's the one of their most popular blends and they also frequently use it in their "choclatea,"  their version of hot chocolate with a tea base.  (yum!)

Ben tells me the most common mistake people make brewing tea at home is getting impatient.  Letting the tea steep for the full recommended time really makes a difference in bringing out the flavours.  

I stocked up on a few new blends to energize, de-stress and simply warm up over the holidays!

gingerbread joy: assam black tiger tea, green tea and rooibos blended with toasty sliced almonds, coriander seeds, roasted chicory and  gingerbread bits! Gingerbread bits! in your tea! Need I say more?

yoga break: cinnamon, ginger pieces, cloves, hawthorn leaves and flowers, black peppers, cardomon, safflowers and malava flowers  - This amazing smelling tea combines all the best bits from your spice drawer. You don't have to get into lotus position to enjoy it!

stress buster: white mistletoe, bean hip, birch leaves, st. john's wort, lemon grass & gingko biloba - As much as I love the holidays, I know having a stash of a little something to take the edge off never hurts!

Are you a tea drinker?  what are your favourite blends or flavours?

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the way The Urban Almanac was 2 years ago, with more accessories for the home and bath. One thing I really love about this shop and shop owner - It is one of the few places in all of downtown Fredericton where you can walk in the winter and not slide on left over snow and ice. He makes sure his walks are cleaned properly, the way they do in most Canadian cities. Bravo!