Thursday, November 10, 2011

girl put your records on.

Some of my earliest memories involve my dad and vinyl LPs.  Every Sunday dinner afternoon brought the CBC radio program Gilmour's Albums after which my dad and I would spend most of the afternoon playing record after record and talking about them until one or both of them fell asleep.  This was not a proto-hipster collection.  It was dominated by classical music - composers were to me what hockey or baseball players were to other kids -  with a little Paul Robeson, Stan Rogers, Nat King Cole and Simon and Garfunkel thrown in for good measure.

While I think it's fantastic that I can carry my entire music collection in my pocket today and discover new music at the click of a button there's just something about vinyl.  I bought an old record player a few years ago but truth be told I hardly used it for fear of electrocution or fire  from the worn old cord...  Today I finally satisfied my craving for vinyl with the vintage-inspired Crosley Traveler.   What's a better soundtrack for a long autumn evening than the warm imperfect crackle of vinyl?

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